Seminars and international conferences

seminars and international conferencesIPB takes every opportunity to talk about the imbalance between military and social spending and organizes side events, seminars and exhibitions, together with like-minded partner organizations. Since the launch of our programme in 2005 we have organized and participated in a dozens of events in order to build awareness of the linkages between Disarmament and Development. Continue reading “Seminars and international conferences”

Education programmes

UOCIPB has a long history in peace education. In 2012, we are building on this tradition by creating an online course at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and their Campus for Peace. The course focuses on Disarmament for Development and aims at training a new generation of advocates. The programme is coordinated by Prof. Alicia Cabezudo, IPB Vice-President. It will run from March 27 to July 27 and will be open to students at the university level. For further information, please visit the UOC website.

IPB Consultants

According to the IPB Constitution, IPB Council has the power to appoint consultants.

“This is an honorary title given to individuals who have distinguished themselves in the service of peace. They are appointed for three years, but their position is renewable if approved by the Assembly.”

The FOLLOWING PERSONS were appointed as IPB Consultants at the 2016 Council meeting (Berlin, Oct 3rd).

Elie Ducommun: First Secretary-General

Few peace advocates know the name Elie Ducommun. For this reason, a two-day history seminar was held in Geneva to explore the life of the remarkable Swiss politician who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1902, together with IPB’s second Secretary-General, Albert Gobat. The ‘Ducommun Committee’ decided to invite specialists from several countries to offer analyses of Ducommun’s role in many fields.
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IPB Assembly and Council meetings, from 1990

Every year IPB organises an international conference, linked to our Council meeting. Every third year we hold the IPB Assembly, which is open to all members. Here you can find a list of all the meetings held since the end of the Cold War. The photo is from our conference in Oslo in 2010 – the centenary of our Nobel Peace Prize.
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