Theresa Kresse – Coordinator

Theresa is a recent graduate of Lund University, Sweden, where she completed her M.Sc. in Development Studies. She previously studied Peace and Conflict Studies, B.A., at Malmö University, Sweden, through which she participated in two exchange semesters, one in Ankara, Turkey and one in Hong Kong.

Throughout her time as a student, she participated in various international conferences, either as a delegate or as a member of the executive board. These experiences developed her skills in project management, funding acquisition, membership management and public relations related assignments. Currently, these skills are highly useful for her work as the coordinator of the International Peace Bureau (IPB) which is the oldest and biggest peace network organization. IPB´s campaigns and lobbying are focused on the issue of “demilitarization for social development”.

Theresa´s main interests are the study of interdisciplinary issues such as feminism, body rights, militarism, international political economy, critical development theory and citizen/political activism.