Registration is now open for the Workshop on „Challenges of a Common Security Policy in Eurasia“

The registration for the workshop on Workshop on „Challenges of a Common Security Policy in Eurasia“ is now open. The workshop will be held in Berlin on the 23rd and 24th of September 2019. 

Since 2016, the world has experienced major events which are likely to greatly affect the world’s order as well as peace and security. In such a context, the Peace and Security Circle of the AEPF coordinates with peace movements and people’s organizations research and scholars in academic communities and institutions in Asia and Europe to organize various activities/ campaigns to create effective synergies in the struggle for peace and to find the better way to respond. The emergence of social movements that seek to find alternative solutions to recurring as well as new problems should be encouraged.

The objectives of this workshop are to (1) analyze the current situation in the two continents and its impact on peace and security, as well as people’s lives, to (2) analyze the current security situation in Asia and Europe and draw conclusions for a new security architecture, to (3) develop items of a security architecture based upon the concept of a Common Security Policy, as well as to (4) address inhibiting as well as stimulating factors of the concept and to (5) name actors and implementation strategies for a Eurasian Common Security concept. 

This event hosts a number of different speakers and participants, including academicians, politicians, historians and civil society actors from Europe and Asia. The registration for attendees is now open. The respective registration form can be accessed via this link: 

The programme is attached as PDF to this mail, but you can also view the programme, as well as other information about this workshop via this link /events/workshop-on-challenges-of-a-common-security-policy-in-eurasia/

If you have any questions, you can send is a mail to or call +49 30 120 845 49