about ipb Structure

Council Members 2013 - 2016

Regional Representatives elected at Triennial Assembly in Stockholm, 13 Sept. 2013.


IPB's Council is composed of all Board members plus regional representatives. The Council meets in person once a year, and communicates mainly by email. To reach Council members in your region please contact the IPB Secretariat.




Organizational Chart

 Download the IPB Organizational Chart here.

IPB Board Members

The IPB Board is composed of 18 experienced activists in fields such as: Disarmament, Human Rights, Conflicts, Peace, Development, etc.

Two Co-Presidents are supported by 5 Vice-Presidents, 1 Treasurer and 10 Board Members. The Board meets 3 times a year and has regular email exchange and skype calls.

Here you can find short bios of each of them.

IPB Consultants

According to the IPB Constitution, IPB Council has the power to appoint consultants.


"This is an honorary title given to individuals who have distinguished themselves in the service of peace. They are appointed for three years, but their position is renewable if approved by the Assembly."



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