Springs Alive

Member Name: Springs Alive
Abreviation: SPA
Adress: P.O.BOX 10923 Kampala
City: +256 Kampala
Country: Uganda

Springs Alive Uganda, a Community Based Organisation(CBO) whose website is

The Organisation started at a time when service delivery was required at the grassroot. Thus its determination to respond to the increasing demand for service delivery with appropriate competence. It is well known that the decentralisation system of Governance ushered in by the NRM (National Resistance Movement), the ruling Party, and mainly in the Public sector, has passed on a gigantic challenge for service delivery at the grassroot.

SPA is now here to answer the call by private and public sectors to deliver services accordingly.
Springs Alive (SPA) is a registered, non-profit, community based organization based in Uganda(SPA VISION STATEMENT) that strives to improve the quality of life in the region for the underprivileged by establishing effective, efficient and affordable social services.

SPA MISSION STATEMENT is dedicated to providing services that will see the underpriviledged in our society achieve their goals of a peaceful and improved life.

Springs Alive is made up of 6 division;



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