IPB Nobel Prize Centenary 2010 - an invitation

medal-nobel  Letter sent to IPB members, Feb. 26. In recent communications we have mentioned the importance of this significant year in IPB’s history. Back in 1910, the IPB was the umbrella group for the national ‘peace societies’ that existed in Europe and beyond. The Nobel Prize was awarded in 1910 to the Bureau as a way of making a tribute – and an encouragement – to the organised peace movement of the day.

Since those days, IPB and its members have been involved in many of the great peace campaigns and causes of the century.

So this is a special moment for IPB, a time to look back at 100 years of peace history, and also to look forward to the challenges of the coming years. We are preparing various events to commemorate this centenary (notably in Oslo and Geneva) – and we will inform you in more detail in the weeks to come. 

This letter is an invitation to you to plan some programme work in your own country or sector to commemorate the jubilee of this Nobel Peace Prize, one that (in a general sense) we all share.....What we hope is that in all the world’s continents activities will be organised that will help to make IPB’s name known and will inform the public of the work of the peace movement.




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