IPB, INES and partner`s activities at the People`s Summit and the Rio 20 Conference

Rio20-UNISDRPhotoGallery-FlickrIn June this year, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development will take place in Rio de Janeiro. The main goals of this conference are the establishment of a green economy in the context of sustainable development, poverty eradication, and the creation of an institutional framework for sustainable development. Unfortunately, disarmament is not on the official agenda despite the fact that it is a condition to achieve sustainable development.

We want to persuade governments to reduce their military spending drastically as a way to promote sustainable development. We will argue that governments are not coherent if they spend disproportionate shares of their GNP on their militaries while failing to contribute adequately to development. A spotlight should be thrown at these governments and they should be put under pressure from other governments as well as civil society, in order to change their priorities.


IPB wants to bring this disarmament perspective into the discussions at Rio +20 and show States that a considerable amount of money could be available for development if only they agreed to reduce their military spending. For this purpose, we are planning different activities.


We will host two side events on disarmament for development and the links between food security and armed conflicts at the official summit. We will also be present at the People's Summit with two side events on the same topics. An itinerant exhibition on the costs of weapons compared to the costs of social projects will be presented and, together with the World Future Council, the International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility, Viva Rio, Mayors for Peace, Foreign Policy in Focus and Better World Links, we are also bringing a tank made of bread to Rio and will present it along with our Appeal for disarmament at different locations in the city, including at the summit.


Please read our Appeal for disarmament and sign it here!



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