Launch of 'Opportunity Costs: Military Spending and the UN Development Agenda'

Picture1Geneva, 29 November 2012


The IPB launched its most recent position paper during a lunchtime event at the UN today. The paper Opportunity Costs: Military Spending and the UN Development Agenda makes the case for the importance of the inclusion of security and peace related issues in the post-2015 UN development framework that will replace the Millennium Development Goals.

In addition to security and peace, military spending should be tackled in these negotiations. Military spending and its reduction should be considered as a tool to fund development efforts. It is time for a mentality change within and among states towards new budget priorities, the demilitarization of societies and the financial support of development efforts deriving from these sources.

The event was chaired by Jarmo Sareva, Director, Office for Disarmament Affairs
The panel included Colin Archer and Annette Willi from the IPB and Luigi De Martino from the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development.

After a general presentation of the paper and some historical background, the impacts of armed violence on development were outlined, and IPB's case for including military spending in the current development debate was made. The questions raised in discussion will inspire further thinking and will feed into IPB's Disarmament for Development Programme.


You can download a version without images here.



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