World Social Forum 2021 Peace Day

Programme 24th January 2021: Thematic Space “Peace and War”: geopolitics, militarization, refugees, migration

prepared by Leo Gabriel, Kristine Karch, Reiner Braun, and Eskil Grav

Download the complete Peace Day programme here..

Registration links will be published soon on the webpages of WSF (, IPB ( and No to NATO (no to Links to the livestream and participation will be published shortly before the event on the IPB and No to NATO webpages.

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The Germany-Wide Day of Action on 5 December 2020 – a Prelude to Further Joint Engagement

“Disarmament Instead of Rearmament”: The Germany-Wide Day of Action on 5 December 2020 – a Prelude to Further Joint Engagement

With more than 100 events and several thousand participants, the day of action and protest organized by the Abrüsten statt Aufrüsten campaign (Disarm instead of Rearm) was a great success, despite the difficult conditions created by Covid-19.

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#HumanRightsDay Blog Relaunch: Call for Contributions

In honor of Human Rights Day, we are relaunching our blog. If you are a young person interested in peace and human rights, we want to hear your thoughts! Our goal to include as many voices from our global community and network as possible and spark discussion around issues of peace, disarmament and human rights.

We are launching this call for contributions in the form of guest posts on the theme of peace and human rights. Specifically, we solicit submissions engaging with one of the following questions:

  • The right to peace: a tool for change?
  • Human rights and disarmament: is one possible without the other?
  • Building back better: what role for human rights in a post-Covid world?

By contributing, you can further the discussion on peace and human rights and add to the conversation at the upcoming IPB World Peace Congress! The best submission will officially mark our relaunch and others will be published in the weeks after.

Submit your blog via email to by 10 January 2021.

Please read the guidelines below carefully. If you have questions, send us an email to or contact us via Twitter @ipbyouth. Happy writing!

If you cannot participate, you can contribute by sharing this call on social media, getting involved in the network or submitting blog post pitches on other topics for after the relaunch.



Your blog post should engage with one of the three questions above. We encourage both direct responses and indirect engagements with these topics.

Your blog post does not have to directly answer the question. Rather, we encourage contributions on specific cases and related topics that offer an indirect response to one of the questions. For instance, you could write about the Yemen conflict and European arms trade for the second question. Nonetheless, if you have a compelling argument for the right to peace, go for it!


  • Length: 500-1500 words. But try to be concise!
  • File: Word or OpenOffice document.
  • Reference your sources using hyperlinks only.
  • Include a short, max. 50 words, biography of yourself – if you would prefer to use a pseudonym please indicate that.
  • Submit an accompanying header image of at least 600x400px.
  • For all images, ensure that you have the rights to publish them on our blog (look for Creative Commons or public domain images).
  • Ensure that images follow best practice on photography in crisis settings if applicable. We will not publish photos that include children.
  • Use headings and frequent paragraph breaks to break up your post.
  • Text should be single spaced with a single line return between paragraphs and no indentation.
  • Most importantly: Keep your post simple and understandable. Do not assume your reader knows any specifics about your topic beyond general public knowledge.

GCOMS Book ‘Military Spending and Global Security’ is Now Available

GCOMS’ book ‘Military Spending and Global Security: Humanitarian and Environmental Perspectives‘ is now available at Routledge.

Routledge has launched today the book “Military Spending and Global Security: Humanitarian and Environmental Perspectives”, edited by GCOMS Coordinator and International Peace Bureau (IPB) vice-president Jordi Calvo Rufanges. The book is part of a joint project of the International Peace Bureau and Centre Delàs of Peace Studies, carried out within the framework of the Global Campaign of Military Spending, which has the support of Barcelona’s City Council.

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SAVE THE DATE: IPB World Peace Congress Barcelona 2021

IPB is excited to announce the tentative dates for our large gathering next year – a follow-up to IPB’s 2016 World Peace Congress in Berlin – provisionally entitled the Second IPB World Peace Congress Barcelona 2021: Stronger Together, Building Back Better for Inclusive Peace.

We invite you to join us for the event from October 15-17 2021 in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona and ask you to join us in the preparation and promotion of the event.

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Join us on #GivingTuesday for Peace and Justice

#GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. In the peace movement, we know very well how strong the power of people can be in promoting a better world – one that is more just, inclusive, and peaceful. That’s why this year we are asking for you to join us in creating a more peaceful and sustainable future. Continue reading “Join us on #GivingTuesday for Peace and Justice”

Concluding Statement on the Prospects for a Culture of Peace

Concluding statement on the prospects for a culture of peace.

By Ingeborg Breines, former IPB Co-President. Written for the webinar ‘A Climate of Peace’ hosted by IPB and the Peace Union of Finland on 7 November 2020. For the complete webinar, visit our YouTube channel.

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The Frankfurter Appeal by Initiative Abrüsten Statt Aufrüsten (Translation)

Declaration by the “Initiative Abrüsten statt Aufrüsten”, an IPB member.

Title: Frankfurter Appeal

Abrüsten statt Aufrüsten (disarming instead of investing in arms) – a new policy of détente now!

The ghost of the Cold War has returned. The world is on the verge of peace, for it becomes a fragile entity. The cancer of nationalism is spreading. Social inequalities are becoming more acute. The global climate crisis is threatening humanity. Wars and destruction of nature are crucial reasons for flight and expulsion. The Corona pandemic is proof that the social and environmental layers which protect human life have become thin. New struggles over distribution are looming – nationally, within Europe, globally. The 21st century will be either a century of new violence or a century of sustainable peace. That is what we are deciding today. We need civil responses, here, in Europe and worldwide.

A new arms race is already in full swing. Conflicts, wars and armed confrontations contribute to flight and migration.

Disarmament is not taking place; central arms control agreements have been terminated. New nuclear weapons are being stationed. Global military spending is hitting new record highs; the ten countries with the highest defense expenditure alone account for 75 percent. And they are to be further increased. Germany is in seventh place and had the highest increase among the top 15 countries in 2019. In terms of arms exports, our country scandalously ranks fifth. The madness must be stopped. Otherwise, there is the threat of new confrontation over the distribution [of resources] at the cost of social and ecological reforms.

Arms upgrades and build up are not the answers to the great challenges of our time. They exacerbate the risk of new wars and waste valuable resources that are urgently needed for a peaceful world order – for climate protection, the fight against the causes of forced migration, development cooperation, and the realization of human rights. The double risk of the suicide of human civilization has become conceivable, through armament as well as through the unresolved social and ecological crises.

Our world depends on reciprocity to create peace and realize sustainable disarmament and peace. A new policy of détente from a pan-European perspective requires a strong civil society, not division and exclusion, and certainly not a new nationalism. The peace project of a European civil society must continue to be a model for other regions of the world. Taking responsibility therefore means Abrüsten statt Aufrüsten (disarming instead of investing in arms).

In November 1980, the Krefeld Appeal was presented, and more than five million German citizens supported it. At the time, the peace movement refused to station new medium-range nuclear missiles in Europe. That is what we are calling for today. First and foremost, we oppose NATO’s target of spending two percent of gross domestic product on military objectives.  We call for a new policy of peace and détente, a system of common security and controlled disarmament. Arms exports to crisis regions, to belligerent states and to dictatorial or autocratic regimes must be stopped as soon as possible. The Bundeswehr (German army) must not be equipped with armed drones. We want a nuclear-weapons-free Germany and we are in favor of a worldwide ban on autonomous weapons systems.

The imperative of the moment is to invest in the social and environmental design for transformation – in universities, schools and day-care centers, in social housing, in public infrastructure, in more social security and in climate protection and in an ecological circular economy. Because those who want peace, must fight for peace.

We call for the nationwide day of action for “Disarmament and a new policy of détente” on December 5th, 2020. Participate!

Working group of the initiative Abrüsten statt Aufrüsten (disarming instead of investing in arms)

Reiner Braun (International Peace Bureau), Barbara Dieckmann (Welthungerhilfe), Thomas Fischer (DGB), Philipp Ingenleuf (Netzwerk Friedenskooperative) Christoph von Lieven (Greenpeace), Michael Müller (Naturfreunde, Staatssekretär a. D.), Willi van Ooyen (Friedensratschlag), Miriam Rapior (BUNDjugend, Fridays for Futures), Uwe Wötzel (Ver.di), Thomas Würdinger (IG Metall), Olaf Zim-mermann. (Deutscher Kulturrat).

Frankfurt, the 11. Oktober 2020

The Uncertain Election: Defending Constitutional Democracy and Human Survival

The Uncertain Election: Defending Constitutional Democracy and Human Survival

Written by Joseph Gerson*

November 4, 2020

In the run up to the U.S. election, Daniel Ellsberg, the courageous whistleblower who risked 115 years in prison in the early 1970s for revealing the Pentagon’s secret history of the Vietnam War in his effort to stop the killing, wrote that the country was “facing an authoritarian threat to our democratic system of a kind we’ve never seen before.” Despite differing with Biden on many issues, he urged people to vote for Biden  “to free the nation from Trump’s unhinged and destructive grip” – not least because four more years of Trump racism and maximizing the use of fossil fuels would be calamitous. “World civilization”, he wrote, “cannot afford another four years of Trump’s presidency.

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IPB Statement on Jeremy Corbyn, 2017 Seán MacBride Peace Prize Winner

The International Peace Bureau recognises Jeremy Corbyn as a lifelong campaigner against racism, against war and for a peaceful and tolerant world. In 2017 IPB awarded him the Seán MacBride Peace Prize for his ‘sustained and powerful political work for disarmament and peace’ and his record shows that he has also championed the oppressed, the poor and the disadvantaged.

The IPB is united in its opposition to anti-Semitism and racism in all its forms. We remain united for a world free from fear.

We will continue to work with Jeremy and with all who strive for peace and justice.

Download the statement here.