Patricia Perez – Board Member

Patricia Pérez is currently the Director of the Latin American Institute for Peace and Citizenship (Instituto Latinoamericano para la Paz y la Ciudadanía, ILAPyC). She was a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize on nine consecutive occasions and Advisor to UN Women on the subjects of peace and AIDS at the request of Dr. Michelle Bachelet. ILAPyC is described by Pérez as a tool to confront the “small daily wars” in Latin America.

In 1986, at 24 years of age and a five year-old son, Pérez became aware that she had HIV. At the time, AIDS was considered a mortal disease; the doctors gave her little hope, explaining that her life expectancy was around two years. At that point, she decided that if she would die, she would not do so “sitting and waiting for the moment.”

Patricia began working to defend the rights of those living with HIV/AIDS, particularly children, youth, adolescents, and women to create a culture of peace and citizenry on the national, regional, and global level. This included a campaign with the Dr Muñiz Hospital in Buenos Aires to care for those with HIV and had no treatment. Pérez has since transformed into an international leader for women living with HIV, participating and leading in international conferences, holding the presidency of the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS, and creating the global campaign (which later developed into a foundation) entitled “More Peace, Less AIDS” (Más Paz, Menos SIDA), which became a member of IPB in 2012.

Pérez’s work spans five continents, and work on the regional and global levels, having worked with the Organization of American States (OAS), the Panamanian Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture, and the United Nations among others. As an IPB Board Member she represents the Latin American region.