Eskil M. Grav

Eskil is a member of the IPB family,  and active in the fields of Peacebuilding and Disarmament. He has past experience working in Community and Peacebuilding Activities in both Tanzania and Lebanon, and a has a background in Human Security Theory.

Dr Jenny Clegg

Dr Jenny Clegg, activist, researcher, writer; long serving member of CND National Council and International Advisory Group; member of Stop the War Standing Committee; former senior lecturer in international studies at the University of Central Lancashire, UK.

I have a specialist interest in China and the Asia Pacific and have followed developments in the region for many years. I have contributed to CND’s international work over the years, speaking at local, national and international events and producing reports and policy recommendations. These have included briefings on NATO and Asia and on the Korean nuclear crisis. I also speak regularly for StWC. I have produced numbers of articles, both academic and popular, to journals and newspapers including Journal of Contemporary Politics, Spokesman, Counterpunch, Tribune, and the Morning Star.

Oleg Viktorovich Bodrov

Oleg Viktorovich Bodrov – engineer-physicist, environmentalist, member of the Council of IPB, chairman of the Public Council of the South Coast of the Gulf of Finland, St. Petersburg, Russia.

One of the leaders of the Russian peace, environmental protection and nuclear safety movements. In coalition with partners from the Baltic Sea countries is working to reduce the level of confrontation between NATO and Russia in the Baltic.

One of the organizers of the campaign “The Baltic Sea – the sea of peace, peace among people and environmental protection!

The author of reports at international anti-war conferences in Helsinki, Paris, New York, Hiroshima, Nagasaki. Producer of documentaries on the consequences of nuclear weapons production and “peaceful nuclear energy, which are translated into English, German and Japanese. Promotes safe decommissioning of nuclear power plants based on world best practices and democratic participation of authorities, the nuclear industry and the public.

Tamara Lorincz

Tamara Lorincz is a PhD candidate in Global Governance at the Balsillie School for International Affairs at Wilfrid Laurier University. She has a Masters in International Politics & Security Studies from the University of Bradford and a Law degree and MBA specializing in environmental law and management from Dalhousie University. Continue reading “Tamara Lorincz”