GDAMS Workshops April 2020

During the Global Days of Action on Military Spending 2020, IPB ran two online webinars.

The first, entitled “The Opportunity Costs of Military Spending: How and Why it’s Time to Rethink our Priorities” was directed toward students and young professionals and organized as an active discussion and brainstorming session. Details on military spending in 12 countries were presented to participants who were then tasked with thinking up solutions that could be taken by individuals and groups to combat the continued growth of military spending at the cost of social budgets. Continue reading “GDAMS Workshops April 2020”

Report: Online World Conference 2020

On April 25, 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, over one thousand activists across the peace, climate, and social movements gathered online to take part in the first ever virtual World Conference: Abolish Nuclear Weapons | Resist and Reverse Climate Change | For Social and Economic Justice. Continue reading “Report: Online World Conference 2020”

Join GDAMS 2020!


The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has shown the world where humanity’s priorities should lie. This major attack on people’s security across the world shames and discredits global military expenditures and prove them an outrageous waste and loss of opportunities. What the world needs now is to focus all means on vital security threats: healthy living conditions for everyone, which necessarily entails more just, green, peaceful societies. The Global Days of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS) 2020 bring attention to the vast opportunity costs of the current levels of military spending, 1’82 trillion US$ a year, almost $5 billion per day, $239 per person. When a minority of the global population decides to finance war preparations, we all lose the opportunity to fund policies that tackle our real security threats. Continue reading “Join GDAMS 2020!”

Arms Trade Observations in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German


  • Worldwide most comprehensive “CRITICAL COMPANY CHRONICLE: HECKLER & KOCH as a global player” published today in four world languages on the GN-STAT-Website
  • German TV will show explosive films by D. Harrich to an audience of millions today in the 2nd theme night on the illegal arms trade
  • Review of successful arms-critical film days “Mercato di Morte – Deadly Trade” in Merano with the participation of GN-STAT

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